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The prices listed below are for original artwork only. Prints are available for most of my artwork on 8.5" by 11" glossy photographic paper for between $8.00 and $15.00. Prints are open edition (unnumbered) and signed. Shipping is not included in price. Just e-mail me to place an order.

I'm very happy to sign collectible gaming cards that are sent through the mail. Send no more than 20 cards at a time. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to make getting them back to you as effortless as possible, and if you're mailing from another country, please include enough postage to cover the return trip. This usually entails purchasing two postal coupons. Allow 1-4 weeks for cards to be returned. I can't be responsible for cards lost or damaged through the mail.

I also have some signed artists' proofs left of the four cards I did for Magic: the Gathering. I sell them for $5.00 each, not including postage. You can send me an order by e-mail or regular mail.


Deadlands: Doomtown Collectible Card Game

A Price On His Head--not for sale.

Dr. Reginald Branson--$200.00 (unframed).

Double Time--$200.00 (unframed).

Foale's Folly--$200.00 (unframed).

Holme's Workshop--$175.00 (unframed).

Max Baine--not for sale.

Robert Holmes--$200.00 (unframed).

Robert Holmes Experienced--$200.00 (unframed).

Robert Northrup--$175.00 (unframed).

Sam's General Store--$250.00 (unframed).

Scrapyard--$100.00 (unframed).

Takin' Precautions--$175.00 (unframed).


Dune Collectible Card game

Broken Arrangement--$200.00 (unframed).

Noble Born--$200.00 (unframed).

Ritual Combat--$200.00 (unframed).

Wakeshot--$200.00 (unframed).


Legend of the Burning Sands Collectible Card Game

Gravedigging--$175.00 (unframed and not yet published).

Parasites--$175.00 (unframed and not yet published).

Worth of the Dead--$200.00 (unframed).


Legend of the Five Rings Collectible card game

Ancestral Guidance--not for sale.

Asahina's Breath--$200.00 (unframed).

Battle Maidens--$225.00 (unframed).

Burn It Down--$200.00 (unframed).

Doji Reju--not for sale.

Elemental Attunement--$200.00 (unframed).

Elite Light Infantry--$175.00 (unframed).

Full Moon Tattoo--$250.00 (unframed).

Hitomi Reju--$250.00 (unframed).

Ikoma Technique--not for sale.

Kitsu Dejiko--$200.00 (unframed).

Oni no Gorusei--$200.00 (unframed).

Orochi Tattoo--$200.00 (unframed).

Otaku Kamoko--Sold

Piercing The Soul--$175.00 (unframed).

Rest, My Brother--$175.00(unframed).

Rise, Brothers--$200.00 (unframed).

Shaunasea---not for sale.

Stand Together--$200.00 (unframed).

Sunken City--$175.00 (unframed).

Sysh--$225.00 (framed).

The Blood Feud--$200.00 (unframed).


Magic: The Gathering Collectible Card Game

Eladamri, Lord Of Leaves--Sold.

Eladamri's Vineyard--Sold.

Insight--$350.00 (unframed).

Reap--$450.00 (framed).


Middle-earth Collectible Card game

An Untimely Brood--$200.00 (unframed).

Aware Of Their Ways--$200.00 (unframed).

Barrow-Blade--$200.00 (unframed).

Black Arrow--Sold.

Black Horse--$250.00 (framed).

Drums--$200.00 (unframed).

Dwarven Hoard--$200.00 (unframed).

Dwarven Ring Of Barin's Tribe--not for sale.

Dwarven Ring Of Druin's Tribe--$200.00 (unframed).

Friend Of Secret Things--$225.00 (unframed).

Fell Winter--$225.00 (unframed).

Gothmog--$225.00 (framed).

Half An Eye Open--$200.00 (unframed).

Hobgoblins--$225.00 (framed).

Inner Cunning--$225.00 (framed).

Leucaruth Roused--$225.00 (unframed).

Magic Ring Of Savagery--not for sale.

Magic Ring Of Words--not for sale.

Many-Coloured Robes--not for sale.

Nobody's Friend--$200.00 (unframed).

Odoacer--$200.00 (unframed).

Palantir Of Orthanc--not for sale.

Radagast's Black Bird--$225.00 (unframed).

Sack Over The Head--$200.00 (unframed).

Scorba--not for sale.

Scorba Ahunt--sold.

Scorba At Home--$225.00 (unframed).

Thrall-Ring--$200.00 (unframed).

Uchel--$200.00 (unframed).

White Mountain Wolves--not for sale.

Words Of Power And Terror--not for sale.


Neverworld-A Lifetime Experience Role Playing Game

Combat Scene--$100.00 (unframed).

Felihns--$125.00 (unframed).

Grobbers--$100.00 (unframed).

Silver Serpent--not for sale.

Undead--$125.00 (unframed).


7th Sea Collectible Card Game

Marine Crew--$225.00 (unframed).


The Way Of The Unicorn Book

Unicorn Battle Maidens (page 60)--$200.00 (unframed).

Unicorn Samurai And Boy (page 48)--$200.00 (unframed).


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