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·Sherri Kwasnicki, IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, 1998; fitness columnist, The Province newspaper; fitness writer for Chatelaine magazine.

“I have used Michael Trew’s music in my classes for years, with great success. It really works well in the stretch segments of aerobics classes. As well, I give seminars around the world. One of my workshops is entitled ‘The Joy of Stretch.’ In Vancouver, I hire Michael to perform in person, but in other parts of the world I use the custom CD he created for me. Many people have commented on the music, and how much they like it.”

·Simone Feldman, Massage Therapist at The Vancouver Arbutus Club -

“I have used Michael Trew’s tape Relaxing for more than 10 years in my massage practice. It has a timeless quality, and people never seem to tire of it.”

·Anita, university student. -

“I’ve often suffered from anxiety, when writing exams at school, so I took a course called SuperLearning. We were provided with tapes to listen to - mostly classical in nature - to help alleviate the stress. I found that Michael Trew’s tape Song for Sherri, was equally, if not more useful in alleviating my stress. And I was listening to it for up to 8 hours per day.”

·Jennifer, a Seattle mother.

“As a mother of a child with an undiagnosed disease, you can imagine the thrill it gave me to see what positive impacts Michael Trew’s music had on my son - especially the personal reading. My son is almost normal now, and I attribute the beginning of the healing process directly to Michael Trew.”

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