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Sound Healing is the use of sound to assist healing. Sound is audible frequency. Sound Healing, which may include audible and inaudible frequency, can affect the brain as well as the body.

The healing effects can be psychological, physical or both.

Anyone can benefit from a custom sound healing, whether young or old, male or female. One need not be “sick” in order to benefit.  Simply by sending your name and birthday to, you can have a cassette made specifically for you.

Years of meditation and musical training allow Michael to compose spontaneous compositions, which can yield dramatic healing results, or simply help relax and calm your spirit. Noone has ever experienced any ill effects. Though results may vary, mostly there are noticeable positive effects.

A Music Reading is similar to an artist’s portrait - you are given a “sound” experience of what your energy is exhibiting, and provided sound frequencies to facilitate raising your energy.

Golden Heart Music is not just a Music Production Company. For many it has become the source and inspiration for healing experiences - some of which have been very dramatic.

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