Living in a State of Art

"Passionate", "Willful" and "lusty" have been words used to describe the paintings of Nada Jurisich who is primarily focused on women, their insights on themselves and their bodies.

I have not given up on my dream that I can survive quite nicely on my acrylic inspirations on canvas. But beginnings can be difficult and long as I have discovered. Thankfully, I have this amazing venue with which to share my very personal visions that have the potential of reaching a much greater audience. I am honoured with your interest...

"..mother, lover, dreamer of safe and un-safe dreams...."

Where do the images come from?
I am inspired by a great number of things in my environment from the nature around me to music. Working on a visceral level, I let the final painting make its own statement rather than working from one. In this way I am acting as a sort of medium if only to my inner self.
My womens' bodies are a reflection of the world in which we live with all their seasons and fabulous hills and valleys.
Although I have drawn and painted from a very young age, I started my career as an artist in my 30's. I am self-taught and bring my unusual and interesting life experiences to the rest of the world.
Exhibits and acknowledgments include:
Filmed by Life Network's Weird Homes to appear in September
March 2000 voted Windsor's Best Visual Artist by Room Magazine
April 2000 - Solo Exhibit U&Me 2 Salon Windsor, Ontario
January - February 2000 - Solo Exhibit Common Ground Gallery, Windsor, Ontario
1997 Artseen multi-artist exhibit-Artcite Gallery -Windsor, Canada
1997 Solo exhibit and project that was picked up by national TV as well as local news media. A mural project where I transformed a dumpy apartment into a tropical oasis using Trompe L'Oeil and other techniques.
June 1995 - Solo Exhibit London New Arts Festival Gallery, London, Ontario
July-October 1995 - Solo Exhibit in downtown London sponsored by the Mayor's office
October 1995 - Commendation from the Mayor of London for my participation in the Downtown Beautification project.
October 1996 - Dual exhibit in London New Arts Festival Gallery, London, Ontario

I have my Trompe L'Oeil work displayed in public buildings and residences.

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