s t a t e m e n t.

Welcome to my little world.

Life is a strange continuum that forever demands transition and introspection. As a young adult I am very aware of the presence of that continuum, and have experienced many lessons of growing up. We all go through life changes and we all experience a multitude of challenges along the way. I am always taking joy in the small things, and trying to make a difference every day.

My art has taken a course that mimicks my life of inquiry and discovery. I enjoy exploring angles and alternate perspectives, the subtleties of color, and also exploring new themes in the historical style of Cubism. Over the years I have explored abstract ideas in terms of how shapes relate to each other, and the role of negative space against those shapes. I enjoy the aspect of discovery in my paintings, for as I have been told, one can stare into my work for hours before discovering every subject hidden in the many angles of the piece. The painting featured on the main page of this website, The Artist at Her Canvas, was painted early 1998, and yet still continues to fascinate me. That sense of discovery and interest is what propels me to create.

My new work has changed a bit from what you see on this site. Namely, my exploration of this Cubist style has evolved into more expressive and primal imagery. I soon hope to have new work online. In the meantime, please feel free to sign my guestbook or drop me an email.


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