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Tulip sink A custom porcelain basin or tiles can add beauty, personality, distinction and value to your home.

I work one-on-one with you, your builder or decorator to create the ultimate design that is unique to your taste and surroundings.

You can highlight your bath or vanity area with a hand painted basin, counter top and / or accessories.

Encase your bathtub or shower with a tranquil scene.

Show off your kitchen with a beautiful mural behind your stove or back splash.

Create a masterpiece with a hand painted tile table top.

The ideas are unlimited !!!

Each project is hand designed, carefully painted with fine porcelain paints and then kiln fired to 1377 degrees F insuring maturity of colors and permanent fusion.

This is a set of 6 - 4x4 inch tiles. This was a freehand drawing and has been painted and fired 4 times to get the depth in color. The cost for this set of tiles would run $150.00. (Click on tiles to get a larger view). (click on photo for larger view)

Since my childhood I have had a love for art. On my 16th birthday, my mother took me to the local art store where I picked out drawing pencils, paper, watercolors, brushes and more. I spent hours drawing and to this day I consider that my very favorite birthday! (THANKS MOM!!)

In 1988 I was introduced to China Painting and have made this my sole artistic interest. My goal is to turn my passion into a prosperous business.

Custom Art Tile
Cheryl Love
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