What do you think? Iw ould like to know your opinion, good or bad...
Circe was a dangerous sorceress who amused herself by changing men who came to her island into the animal nearest the nature of each man.
Ania does just the same...

An artist cannot speak about his art any more then a plant can discuss horticulture. - Jean Cocteau

A little bit more about my work
It's hard to beat Michelangelo! But in the end, how many Vaticans are there to embelish?
Always striving for artistic perfection, an artist of today may offer something that masters of the past cannot offer: commentary on images and characters of contemporary world.
In my eyes, people have animal features which grow from their true characters. In fact, it is a rare person, who asked "what animal are you?", does not have a ready answer.
Look inside, meet your friends!

I mostly work with bronze and terracota but have been known to use straw and plaster, marble and oil paints. Whatever medium fits the mood and need...

What do you think? Please, let me know! What do you think? Good or bad, I would love to know your opinion.