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Hello, my name is Nikia Vogel. Welcome to my first on-line art show! Titled "Dirty Girl" the works are china marker drawings on salvaged paper. Since most of the books they were torn from were old encyclopedias the pages are smudged with dirt. A sign of being lovingly leafed through all of these years. I created these drawings in the time since my son Ian was born (Aug. 12th 2000). Some of the pieces are autobiographical and some are pure fiction. But all are reflections on what it means to be a woman in these crazy, modern times. View the "Dirty Girl" galleries and get swept up in the chaos and self discovery of a girls life. Enjoy the show!


"Inside of every good woman is a dirty girl." Anon

Feel free to browse my whimsical painting galleries after the show!
I am no longer who I used to be.
Childbirth changes the female.
The body is forever altered.
The soul contorts to fit the new form.
I am a new beast.
Beauty begins taking on new definitions.
At first flowers, make-up, dresses,
these define what it is to be a woman.
Then as understanding broadens,
the musk of sex between the thighs
and pink stained underpants...
they mean womanhood.
Then the image shifts again to include
milk-bloated breasts, purple stripes on the stomach.
One day my bones will be a brittle hanger displaying a stretched out
version of the girl I lost.
This image,
this too will be woman.
plastic princess (not) !

I'd like to thank Cheryl Townsend and W.A.R.M. for their support.

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