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Welcome to my creative corner of the world!

I am a 24yr. old, self-taught artist. Ever since I can remember I've always been enthralled with art. It's such a lovely way to kill time! I strive to be creative every single day! I hope you enjoy the fruits of my overactive imagination! psycho before coffee

"There is no such thing as a madwoman. Only women that dare to dream in a mad world" Anonymous

I love colors (the brighter the better)! Sometimes this world can be so dreary you just need to take a twirl on the color wheel and see where you land!

3 beauties flaunt it I like to experiment in all sorts of media!

In 1999 I had a show sponsored by Millworks Gallery of Akron, Ohio. It was a show of around 100 nudes. I've also shown at various coffeehouses and bookstores such as Brady's cafe, Cat's Impetuous Books, and Borders Books. I also sell art on eBay. My seller name is vog98.

Contact me snail mail at...
Nikia Vogel
3991 St. Rt. 225
Diamond, Ohio 44412 Email me