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"Ofertorio" or "Offering" is a large construction topped by Eucalyptus leaves measuring 5 1/2 feet tall. It is designed to look up at on the wall. There is another construction of arms which hang separately holding an offering bowl(not shown) and legs with loincloth standing on top of temple pillar. Total height of complete construction is 12 ft. The massive figure appears to be appearing thru the wall.
Frontal view - "Ofertorio"
Brief explanation of your work shown above
"Fruta Boa" or "Good Fruit." A peaceful couple bearing fruit after many years. 2 masks approx 18" h x 12" wide each. Papier mache with mixed media.
"Reina de Cera" or "Wax Queen", Abstract portrait of the artist.
"Meus Angelus" or "My Angel". Portrait of young girl. Arms hang separately. Portraits done by consignment. Family groupings and murals possible.above