Manchester, CT

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Owner and Designer:   Lisa A. Barrett  

Touched By Art is a business that provides creative art solutions to both residential and commercial clients.

TBA specializes in the following services:

Hand Painted Murals - Hand Painted Accented Areas - Custom Designed Stenciling - Border and Trim Painting - Special Wall Effects - Photographer's Backdrops - Theater Set Design
Applications: Walls, Floors Ceilings and Window/Door Frames
Surfaces: Wood, Floors, Ceilings and Window/Door Frames
(Any and all alternate applications or surfaces will also be evaluated.)

Why not add a personal and uniquely creative touch to your work, home or office environment. At the same time you will be increasing the value of your property. Allow me to add "grace to your space" with a work of art that you'll appreciate for years to come.

Be distinctive - Be different - Be creative - Choose a
Touched By Art mural today!

The artist's vision ...
"I take great joy in my artistic creations. It is a pleasure to watch them develop before my eyes. I nurture the creative spirit that flows within me and channel it to the work at hand. Helping clients to realize the artistic ambitions that they can only describe affords me (and them) tremendous satisfaction!"

About the artist ...
Lisa Barrett attended the University of Hartford and Central Connecticut State College prior to her full time enrollment at the Art Institute of Philadelphia where she studied commercial art. After college, she was employed as a graphic artist for five years. Lisa has been implementing and teaching art programs for the past four years at local Community Centers and Parks and Recreation Centers and she also teaches private lessons. Her students range in age from six years olds on up to senior citizens. Lisa has freelanced as a graphic artist and illustrator for over eight years. You can find Lisa's art exhibited in local shows, galleries, restaurants and gift shops. In 1998, following the desire to do what she loves most, "create art", Lisa launched her own company, aptly named, "Touched By Art". The focus at Touched By Art is to satisfy the interior art needs of Lisa's clients through skillful use of mural paintings. All her works are first hand drawn, then hand painted. Her style is truly unique and it lends a feeling of realism to the space that she is transforming. Exacting application of shading techniques, selective detailing and various special effects bring life and mood to each and every piece. All work is customized to effectively achieve the requirements set forth by the client ...
(only complimented with Lisa's special talent!)