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Ordering Information

 To Place An Order, Call: 800-787-5040 Or Email Us.
Orders shipped fully insured.


Tom Sierak
A Brief Personal Message

“Many consumers (myself included), are still a bit leary about using the internet to submit personal
financial information, such as credit card numbers, to make purchases.  As with any new technology,
it's a natural & understandable reaction which will disappear in time.  I do believe many of these fears
are exagerated. Although I do not offer online credit card I do accept it by phone.  I encourage you to jot
down my toll free number at: 800-787-5040 to order directly.

Unless Otherwise Instructed, Your Order Is Shipped (within 24 hours)
United States Postal Service(USPS) Priority Mail Insured Or UPS Groundtrack
Internationally: USPS Global Priority Insured. (These Rates Vary Depending On Country).

Orders shipped within the continental United States
Shipped flat:  $12.50
Shipped by tube:  $6.50
On orders shipped outside the continental U.S.A., rates vary, depending on the country.

DAMAGED SHIPMENTS (Always Inspect Your Order for Damage Upon Receipt)
Occasionally, a shipment will be damaged, in which case we will replace the prints at no
additional cost to you, but you must file a claim for reimbursement as described below.

Call UPS at 800-742-5877 to let them know that the order is damaged, then call STS Fine Art
to let us know that your order was damaged as well so we can replace it.

If you receive prints damaged in shipping, bring the complete damaged package and prints
to your local post office to file a claim.  Indicate that payment be made to STS Fine Art if you
want to replace the prints.  If, for some reason, you decide not to have us replace the prints,
you should stipulate that the claim payment be made to you instead of STS Fine Art.