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"Day is taken by the Night and I want to show you Their secrets" -- Shelly Norman Alexander

The Work of Shelly Norman Alexander/NightLightPhoto
ONphoto1 NightLightPhoto would like to consider itself as the future of Night Photography. Night Photography is slowly becoming a lost art in the field of photography and many have considered the art to difficult a task to take on with all the lights and tools needed to complete. But a mindful artist must keep one thing in mind in this age of "everything is here at my finger tips," less is more.
Shelly Norman Alexander uses only available light in his photos and a small number of filters. Most of the work is done at daybreak or sunset, rainy or foggy weather. Black and white films are mostly used to convey the mystery of a subject and color films are used to show the brilliance of the night colors. Rainy weather is always the favorite of this photographer because of the reflections that can be recorded on film. Many of the subjects are common places that others seem to pass without a second glance.

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