Picture of Me

Name:SACHIE TANI   - I was born in kyoto,Japan in 1978. I graduated"Douda art high school"majord in Design.I recently moved in Washington DC to pursue her design career. July 9,1999 one of her work appeard in washington city paper.

Art Category: ABSTRACT   - I mainly work on abstract,but I also draw and paint. And I have done some computer grephic work too. well...I like to try new things.

My Job: COLLEGE STUDENT   - I'm studying computer graphics.

My Interests and Hobbies: GENERAL ART   - My hobbies are: drowing,dancing,computer,cooking and play with my lovely bird. I'm interesting in almost anything! My dream is have my own business and my own studio with a lot of birds.

My Geographic Location: Washington DC   - You can visit directly to my exciting site with this address. or E-mail me:

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