The Bio:
Oliverio is an artist from Veracruz, Mexico who grew up surrounded by his grandmother's collection of munequitos- small clay figures- from various parts of mexico. From these innocent beginnings he developed a uniquely philosophical style that intertwines absurd ironies with scenes both familiar and fantastic. He employs clay, wire, paper-mache and found objects in his work. He is always creating and re-creating his work, but the influences remain the same...

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Agora Gallery, Soho, New York
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Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach
Bowers Museum Gallery Store, Santa Ana
Self Help Graphics, Los Angeles
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Folk Tree, Pasadena
Long Beach Arts, Long Beach

Untitled. 2x3.5 inch. $40.00 Sold
All art on this page are
made from Polymer Clay
and finished with Acrylic
and gloss varnish.
Every piece is ONE OF A KIND!
Oliverio never makes two
pieces that are the same.