Web Projects

Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Ridgewood, NJ - The BF site was first posted in the 1995-96 school year and redesigned, during my sabbatical, in the fall of 1998. The remainder of my sabbatical was spent training BF staff to publish web pages. You will find these pages in the Virtual Almanac and Virtual Offices sections of the BF web.

Art Educators of New Jersey - The AENJ site is New Jersey Art Educators place on the web. I created and posted the site in April, 1997, and still maintain it.

Integrating Technology Into An Interdisciplinary Math and Science Project - The Boiling Point (based on Collaborative International Boiling Point Science Education Project, Stevens Institute of Technology, Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education). May, 1999

Professor S. Koslow, Brooklyn College, CUNY - I provided initial design assistance for this site. Presently, I am providing ongoing technical support.

Health and Physical Education Teacher Resources - Andy Krupa, Health and Physical Education Supervisor, Livingston Public Schools, and I developed this page. It is designed as a staff development resource page and was introduced to Livingston's PE teachers at a staff workshop in March, 1999.

Virtual Classroom Project - In this project, sponsored by AT&T, BF students in my class created a website with students from Canada and the UK. Fall, 1997


Essays and Presentations

How to Use the Internet to Communicate with Your Audiences - This talk was presented to the New Jersey School Public Relations Association Spring Workshop. It focuses on using school and district web sites to demonstrate the excellence of a school district. April, 1999

Middle School Web Site as a Virtual Bulletin Board - This essay,written in November, 1998, describes the eight major areas of the BF web site (see above).

Integrating Technology into the Art Curriculum - Discussion of using technology as a creative tool, presentation tool, for computer assisted instruction and as a virtual learning environment. Fall, 1996.

The Computer as a Presentation Tool - The beauty of a computer is that it is a file cabinet, a display case and a digital darkroom all in one. Text, images and sounds may be digitized for storage and manipulation in the computer and then presented using the computer.


Staff Development Classes - A listing of classes developed and taught at the Ridgewood Institute For Professional Development in association with Fairleigh Dickinson University.


Education Resume


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