Drawing in One-Point Perspective - This site has over one hundred pages of animations and illustrations that introduce the principles of one-point perspective and provide step-by-step instructions for drawing objects in one-point perspective. August, 1999

Benjamin Franklin Middle School - The sixth, seventh and eighth-grade art lessons I teach with examples of students' work.


Special Projects

The Rail Quilt - A public art commission, now in progress, for New Jersey Transit created with students from Visual Arts High School in Jersey City.

Public Art in a Public School - This eighth-grade project in which students submit proposals for a school door mural won a State of New Jersey Best Practice Award.

The Performance Art Team - I combined my interest in performance art and my teaching by forming a "Performance Art Team" with my middle school students.

Web Sites

Art Educators of New Jersey - The AENJ site is New Jersey Art Educators place on the web. I created and posted the site in April, 1997, and still maintain it.


Integrating Technology into the Art Curriculum - Discussion of using technology as a creative tool, presentation tool, for computer assisted instruction and as a virtual learning environment. Fall, 1996.


Art Resume

Education Resume


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