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ORIGINAL Tiger portrait 9X12 Graphite ~ $800.00
Prints 8X10 matted $35.00 ~ Framed prints $95.00

All of these drawings are for sale, unless noted otherwise. If you'd like to see more detailed images, or like more information about a piece, please email me, I'd be happy to share more. Prices are slightly negotiable.
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"Scarlet Pair" Colored Pencil 9X12 $325.00
Matted prints 8X10 $35 ~ Framed prints $95.00

"Pegasus" 11X14 Graphite ~ Artist's private collection
8X10 matted prints $35 ~ Framed prints $95.00

"Nose to Nose" ~ 16X20 Framed $1,100.00

Lighthouse ~ Watercolors 11X14 $225.00

Angel ~ Graphite 11X14 $325.00

"In the Trees" Colored Pencil 9X12 $250.00

"Winter Barn" 9X12 Graphite~ $275
Matted prints $35.00 ~ Framed prints $50-$95

"Standardbred Racer" Graphite 16X20 $325
Contact me about prints ~ $35.00
"Pup in a Cup" Yorkie Colored pencils 9X12 $195.00
MAtted prints~ $35.00

"This is my Happy Face" Colored Pencil $195.00
Matted Prints $35.00
"Early Morning Traveler" Polar Bear pastels 16X20 framed $350.00
---SOLD to private collector---

Golden Eagle ~ Graphite 9X12 1998 ~ $200

Purple Tiger Portrait 8X8 Colored Pencil $185

Eastern Chipmunk ~ Original Graphite 1998 ~ $150
Matted prints 8X10 $35.00
Moluccan Cockatoo ~ pastels 16X20 framed $365.00

Bald Eagle ~ $195.00 Colored Pencils, 9X12

Leopard 1998 - 9X12 Graphite $230.00
Matted prints-$35.00 - Framed prints- $65.00

To purchase anything from this page, or if you have any questions, please email me with "Gallery" as your subject. I accept Paypal,(prefered)money orders, and personal checks. There will be a $25 fee for returned checks. Email

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