About The Artist

I was born in a small town in east central New Jersey. As a boy my father would invite me to tag along with him during his work day . It was during this time, while wandering among the rail yards of Hoboken that I began to view the world photographically. The diminishing lines of perspective; the interplay of light on steel; the mystical steam shrouding the distant landscape -all contributed to my passion to capture this wonderful dance of shadow and light on film. I served in the military for four years during the Vietnam era, attended Montana State University, made my way to Colorado Springs and earned a degree in graphic arts.
Nothing gives me greater pleasure then finding a beautiful subject to photograph. The interplay of light and texture, mood and weather; we are all affected by these things, and some of us capture these jewels for all to appreciate. I believe that as photographers we have learned to take nothing for granted, to step lightly upon the earth and take only what the light affords us.

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