I have always been interested in art and pursued many forms before settling exclusively on painting in 1996. My early years were spent on the West Coast, in Washington and Oregon. The time I spent on the ocean has had a big influence on my work. The rest of my life I have lived in Western Montana, amid some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. I received my art training in Missoula, Montana.

Possibly as a result of a life which began on an island, I frequently find myself painting water in some form. Sometimes it is snow, sometimes a stormy sky just before it rains. I love painting the ocean, but almost everything I paint has water in it someplace. My artwork reflects nature as I see it-colorful, full of light, and vibrant with life. I paint places I have been, or would like to be. My wildlife paintings are set in scenes that I find pleasant and peaceful. My style is realistic, and all of my paintings are done in acrylic on canvas.