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Art Category:   Photography and Digitally Mastered Photography

About John Lee:   For over thirty years, John Lee has derived a great deal of personal satisfaction from seeking out and photographing the vistas of the west. He spent the last fourteen years mastering traditional and digital photography and graphic design working in the non-profit community. In his inquiry he has come to experience a profound joy and deep appreciation of both the natural world and the world of man. By striving to make images that directly convey his vision, John hopes to illuminate and invigorate those who view his occasionally ethereal and at times striking compositions.

Coming of age amid the tumultuousness of Berkeley in the sixties, John moved to Corvallis, Oregon while in his thirties. In 1998, John moved to Beaverton to devote himself to the art of photographic interpretation and to creating his current portfolio. John recently returned from a month abroad where he sought to capture the essence of medieval Spain and Europe. Much of this journey can be seen in his current work.

Artist's Statement:   A transformative moment in my childhood occurred when I was taken by my parents to see an exhibit of Van Gogh’s paintings. The color. The intensity. I was astounded. And a door was opened...

And so, not surprisingly, color is the thread that invigorates all of my images. I am passionate, fervid about color. Vibrant, striking, unabashed color. Color in perfect harmony. Color that defies the normal perceptions. Color that heightens the discernment of reality. Color that reveals what is hidden and color that reveals what is only dreamt.

The art I create explores the natural world, the world of our aspirations and our humanity. In my pieces I begin by shooting well defined photographic images. I then deconstruct the compositions to reveal their underlying nuance and character. Finally, I reunify and reanimate them. Sometimes subtly. Sometimes boldly. But always attempting to look beyond the mundane, to see more acutely, to witness beauty.

Where you can find me:   John Lee Studio Location
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