Enter the MAGICAL and SURREAL world of KISS ORIGINAL OILS. Born in Sweden, she has traveled the world and attained degrees in Design, Science and Fine Art. Katarina KISS oils are being recognized and purchased by international fine art collectors & corporations. Some of her most recent fine art works may be purchased today on this website.

"Stay true to your love, and it will open new doors and dimmensions to heavenly landscapes of your deepest imagination." KISS

A little bit more about KISS.
"True inspiration, doesn't only come from the depths of your soul, but it's a collaboration of an educated mind and a deeply compassionate heart." KISS

KISS poetry is painted into imaginary and passionate worlds with her magical use of rich oils on canvas.

The Creative Gallery, Craig Cary Art Gallery, LACMA, The Picasso Art Gallery, The Malibu Art Association, Premiere Arts, Sacramento Court House, The Kiss Fine Art Gallery and many more.

Kiss Fine Art
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