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Floral & Animal Paintings
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Hear's a personal message from the artist.

Hi, My Name is Kim Wyatt, I'm an artist selling my work on eBay as {sunsetpet}.

Most of my paintings you'll see offered on eBay are my abstract horse head paintings. I've been asked why I paint horses. There are several reasons, but two of them stand out for me. As a girl I drew and painted horses all the time. Then it was because I wanted a horse, what girl didn't? Now I paint them because they seem to be going the way of myth and legend. Most people rarely see horses anymore. They have become an exotic oddity in our modern world to most city dwellers.

I've combined the girlish love of horses with the notion that they have become novelty creatures to make my idealized paintings. I'm pleased that my paintings have appealed to so many horse lovers. I strive to convey the essence of the horse, their beauty, nobility, power, sensitivity and grace in my paintings.

I studied art at Grossmont Community College in El Cajon California which is in San Diego County and At San Diego State University. I personally belive that the study of art never ends and knows no bounds. Everything I do and think can find it's way into my art. I am an avid reader and I consume vast amounts of knowledge through reading all kinds of materials. I love reading fiction and nonfiction equally.

One of my favorite ways to spend my days is taking my boys to the beach. We have a great time and I fill my sketchbook with studies of the beaches and bays around San Diego, drawings of palm trees, my boys enjoying the ocean, seashells, seagulls, boats, and anything else that catches my eye.

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