Artist's Bio"

Kenneth E. Glenn Sr. is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, PA. Associates Degree in Specialized Technology, Majoring in Visual Communications, and Minoring in Black and White Photography. He currently owns and operates Heavenly Images 2000 Graphic Design & Word Processing Studio in Pittsburgh, PA.

For the past 13 years he has been involved in all types of visual media, from creating dynamic web pages using HTML, DHTML, and JAVA..., to Desktop Publishing, Word Processing, drawings, Illustrations, Oil, Watercolor, and Acrylic Paintings. He trained under the careful and watchful eyes of world-reknown artists like Henry Kerner, and Flavia Zortea. Although currently his works are not displayed anywhere at the moment, he has plans to exhibit his artwork in the very near future. In the year 2001, most of these illustrations will be converted into oil paintings, which will be available for sale. Contact the artist for details via the guestbook, or email address.

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