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This site is has some nudity in art, please take note. Rated R

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Just a word about nudity.... there is some depicted here. I believe it is tastefully done and is neither crude nor offensive. However, if any nudity offends you, I suggest you do not look further.

Wings of Grace

Computer generated image

The Goddess of the New Era

Computer generated image

Black Madonna

raku fired clay

Clay, to me, is the very body of the Mother, and is a medium which brings a profound spiritual connection to the earth AND the spirit of the divine.

My favorite subject has been, in sculpture and computer art, the human face and body, mostly female, as you can see.

I live on an island in Puget Sound, Washington state, where I make my clay art, garden, and with my husband, work to make a shack into a cottage. I have 4 granddaughters (see the Pixie page) and 3 more step-granddaughters. I have worked in clay for over 10 years and before that, for many years, I carved miniatures in various materials. Previous to my sojourn into art, I had a background in math and science and had my own tutoring business. These skills helped me understand the chemistry of clay and the development of glazes. I have also taught ceramic art privately in my home.

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