About Me
Iíve been painting all my life.
Since I was a shy little girl Iíve expressed my feelings through the prism of painting.
When Iím sad or happy, going through some problems or find something wonderful inside my soul or around me, I paint.
In addition to passion for art I have passion for kids. And because of that I have three wonderful boys 11, 8 and 6 years old. Add to them my husband Gene and I have 4 men in the house.
I had a formal Art School and School of Technology education, graduated with honor and had numerous Awards for Academic Excellence at these two institutions.
For the last 10 years I've become a Member of New York Artist Association and my paintings have been exhibited in the US and abroad.
Some of my art pieces I sold and some gave as gifts.
I put a bit of my heart in every one of them and it's very important to me when people respond positively to my art. I feel blessed knowing that people who got my paintings love them.
Like every artist I have a list of art collectors. I won't make it very long and would like to name just a few people who have continuously appreciated my artwork over the years and a couple of new friends who enjoy my artwork as well:
Mr.Shvartsberg, New York, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Kapustyansky, Bonn, Germany
Mrs. Xlistov, Kiev, Ukraine
Mrs. Polyak, New York, USA
Dr. Chyknevsky, New York, USA
Mrs. Eisner, New York, USA
Mrs. Klemas, New York, USA
Mrs. Tsomik, New York, USA
Dr. Porecki, Fort Myers, USA
Dr. Benin, New York, USA
Mr.and Mrs. Bernstein, New York, USA
And more

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