This page contains general informations about the artworks displayed on my site.

All artworks are framed as shown in the picture below.
The metal frames are either gold, silver or copper.
The mats are of differents colors. The material may be silk, linen, leather or suede.
The color and material are selected by the artist in relation to the colors of the artwork.
Frame and mat may be replaced by the customer at any time.

  One of kind type of frame (exemple)

    Limited serie type framing (exemple)

All prices are in US dollars. Shipping costs for US and Canada are included. Shipping costs for other countries will be provided for approval before shipping.
All artworks are protected by copyright. The artist is a member of the SODART, a Quebec organisation set up to negotiate reproduction agreements. If you want to copy, reproduce or utilise any of the artworks for any purposes contact the artist at