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HAREENDRAN CHALAD                


Born in Kannur, State of Kerala – India

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


Honors and Awards :

Highly Commented Certificate from Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy in 1984

National Art Exhibition Award from Kerala Samskarika Kendra, Cochin in 1989


Collections at:

Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy

Chithra Kala Parishath

Servants of People’s Society, New Delhi

Amargain Library, Amritsar

South Asian Fraternity Office, Pakistan

And other private collections both in India and abroad


Exhibitions (Solo):

Training College, Calicut - 1983

Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy Art Gallery, Calicut – 1996

Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy Art Gallery, Trichur – 1997

Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy Contemporary Art Gallery, Cochin – 1997


Exhibitions (Group):

Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy – State Exhibition of Art – 1976, 1978, 1984, 1985, 1989, and 1992

National Art Exhibition “De ja vu Art Expo ‘89” Decorette , Cochin – 1989

Amargain Library Hall, Organized by Servants of People’s Society of New Delhi,                                                     

Amristar – 1997

National Artist’s Association, Kannur – 1997

“INTACH” Art Exhibition, Ooty, Tamilnadu – 2000


Camps Attended:

Kerala Chithra Kala Parishath at Kannur, Palghat, Calicut and Mahe

Kerala State Artist’s Camp “KILA-1997” conducted by the Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy



Kerala Chithra Kala Parishath

Y’s Men International, Home Club – Y’s Men’s Club of Cannanore


Shruthi, Chalad, Kannur, Kerala, India.  670 014

Ph: 91 497 707609, Fax: 91 497 701183




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