Size 30" x 40" Oil On Canvas      

Size 36" x 43" Oil On Canvas 

Size 30" x 36" Oil On

Size 36" x 60" Oil On



Many artists have journeyed within landscapes - seeking, exploring, its physicality and recollecting it through memory. Gurudas Shenoy can be placed in the long history of landscape painters of Karnataka. This landscape genre was also a creative expression in vernacular poetry. In painting it was sustained by pushing the limits of the British academic landscape painting tradition that depicted the picturesque in nature. The artistists acquired many devices and skills of using water colours in its prestine purity- "maintaining the freshness of colors".

Gurudas was academically trained in the figurative trend of Baroda. In his early works he relates to his immediate surroundings like in the series of museum interiors. One of his early landscapes of Mysore was a skillful study of the elements of nature. This led to physically exploring the terrain from strategic positions - mapping, trekking, and recording to recollect these settings in his later works.

The artist has evolved a technique that extracts a simplified and bold pattern from the natural surroundings. This style is expressive rather than descriptive, he successfully transposes into oils the technique of water color, a medium associated with lightness and fluency to capture fleeting atmospheric effects.

The artist skillfully selects from vistas of nature, he composes the brittle stillness of rocks, textured boulders punctuated with surging waters that ebb and flow in the wilderness. The spontaneous directness of this technique transforms the pictorial space with this motifs.

The stark dramatic tropical light is depicted in free and swift brush work. The terrain is uninhabitated and melancholic, it is a nostalgic memory of an urban artist's yearning of the picturesque and the transience of nature.


Note: The landscape genre in Karnataka can be traced back to the Oaty landscapes of K.K. Hebbar is another significant name who sustained a keen interest in this form. Other artists who specialized and excelled in this field were M.S. Chandrashekar, Rumale, Hanumiah for picturising native and picturesque Scenes. The second generation of artists include G.S. Shenoy and PunchitayaWho pushed it further by abstracting the landscape in the tradition of nature based abstraction.

Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.

The beauty of the trees,
The softness of the air,
The fragrance of the grass,
Speaks to me.

The submit of the Mountain,
The thunder of the sky,
The rhythm of the sea,
Speaks to me.

"I perceive my work as a natural extension of the expression of joy, evolving itself and metamorphosing into paintings. Joy takes on many forms, many colours…"

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