by Kim, Nam-Su(art critic,publisher of " Art Korea")

Higwon's early paintings started with naturalism , then they were transformed to impressionistic hues with aesthetics of light and color. Recently his paintings tend to fauvism with brilliant color. Through his quick strokes, contraction and ellipsis, his style of formation shows us that his inner world is concentated in his art and he has tried to sublimate truth to art. For example in "val1,val2,val3", the mountain side is outlined with brown and the ridgelines are painted with black. The concrete outline of the mountains was formed with this approach. Through this technique, the inner structure of hidden mountain is expressed successfully. His early technique was acquired from oriental painting. His unique style of connecting the oriental spirit and western oil painting technique lacks nothing in receiving sympathy. His paintings all show the vivid touch which is frequently found in oriental paintings.