Born 11th Feb., 1962.Owing to the untimely demise of my father I had to take up the mantle of leadership for my family and took up a job in marketing, on completion of my commerce graduation in 1983.My 16 yr career ended in 1999, when I had this deep desire to do something on my own. Certain things are however easier said than done. Success and satisfaction continued to elude me, until god intervened in 2001. It all started with my sending a few greetings cards I had made for a very dear friend in Florida, USA. She had such faith and belief in my ability that she touched me with her spark of realization ” THAT I CAN PAINT”. Under her constant prevalence, I embarked upon a journey to discover myself and my ability as an artist

The subject of my paintings is oftentimes dreamy and ethereal, and I try making them a smooth revelation rather than a jolting experience. Each of my paintings are dictated by my heart .A true unadulterated version of a thought, appoint of view or a statement. I like to call my style as HEARTISTIC SURREAL IMPRESSIONS.

I have never been to art school and I do not have the fundamentals of art. Perhaps it is this that emboldens me to experiment with colors, lines and forms. I try to imbibe in them motion, dimension and depth. Every painting is an attempt to take the viewer from the realm of surreal & expressionistic transition on the one hand to a more symbolic, cerebral interpretation on the other.

Being an Indian, tantra /yoga and related thoughts and teachings are ingrained in my psyche and I am deeply spiritual. I have received four initiations since I was eleven. My last guru (master ) swami NARAYAN GIRI MAHARAJ initiated me in 1990 with the spiritual name of “GAJNATH”. This is another name for GANESHA, the first worshipped Hindu god, also the god of success and satisfactory end to all objectives. Each one of my paintings is signed gajnath followed by my initials for without this they would be paintings only in body but lacking in spirit.

Frankly speaking, I enjoy drawing and painting because it’s a wonderful way to express myself. Using written or spoken words to express, there is grammar, definition of words used etc that determines the final outcome .In paintings, the mind can run riots and give an unfettered output, This I think, brings out the real me.

Each and every blank canvas has me enthralled, for it is yet another opportunity to practice creativity. The wedlock of brush and colour brings forth a rainbow of unknown dimensions. I strive to let me and my paintings come together in the eyes of the beholder.

Gajnath ( Ranjan Banerjee)