Here are some samples of my work

Cheboygen Harber Lighthouse in Michigan - Most of my lighthouses are from pictures Ive taken.Sometimes I change the scene, in this case I made the background up.22-28 $200.00
Mackinac Lighthouse in Michigan - Been here so many times decided Id have to paint this someday.24-30 $375.00 prints are $100.00
Ludington Lighthouse in Moonlight- another lighthouse from Michigan in which I took from my own pictures.22-28 $375.00 prints are $75.00
White Shoal Lighthouse Michigan - Did this picture from a black and white picture which my dad took years ago.Decided it needed some form of background.22-28 $300.00
Crisp Point Upper Michigan - Did one like this for a friend in which he gave me pictures he took.Decided to paint one for my self.22-28 $300.00 prints are $75.00
Sanibel Island Lighthouse Florida - Made this painting from pictures I took while vacationing in Fort Myers Florida.22-30 $375.00