Here are some samples of my work

Sailers Cove- I got this Idea from my dolphin cove painting ,I like painting pictures out of caves.24-30 $300.00 prints are $75.00
Surf & Sail saw the place in a magazine one time decided to paint something like it out of my head. 24-30 $400.00 prints are $100.00
Pirates Treasure - I have this fascination with pirates, love all their ships and clothing very unique . Done this out of my head.24-30 $275.00
Naussau Lighthouse - Done this painting from a picture I took in Naussau.We were on a Disney Cruise at the time I took the picture.24-30 $350.00 prints are $75.00
Whale Cove Alaska - Saw a picture of Alaska thought it would make a good scene,so I painted a fishing boat and added some whales.22-28 $400.00 prints are $100.00
Parrot Island - This is my kind of abstract I thought this picture right out of my head.I love painting parrots too,their bright and colorfull.22-28 $375.00 prints are $75.00