Here are some samples of my work

Dolphin Cove - A scene from my own thoughts.24-30 $375.00 prints $75.00
Dance of the Whales - I got this idea when I took some Pictures at sea world in San Diego.Done from my own pictures.24-30 $350.00 prints $75.00
Toucan Dan- Toucan was done from pictures I took at Zoo in Busch Gardens Florida.Did the background from Pictures I took in Hawaii.24-30 $300.00 prints are $75.00
Moonlight Bay - Got this idea out of my head.22-28 $325.00 prints are $75.00
Tropical Dive- Got this idea when I was snorkling in Hawaii.24-36 $450.00 prints are $100.00
Tropical Lighthouse - Another isperation from Hawaii.The lighthouse I made up.22-28 $375.00 prints are $75.00