WELCOME TO Practical/Glass

I starting creating my earrings in 1993 as an escape from a dull day job (programming computers). I have found it to be a good mix - computers pay the bills, but art feeds the soul.

"Why wear boring earrings? Wear art instead" -- Cynthia

A little bit more about my work
All earrings in my collection are made from fused art glass. I then add glass, semi-precious stone, and metal beads to enhance the glass pendant.

The glass is cut, arranged, then fired in kiln at temperatures in excess of 1500 degrees. The result is a shiny, light weight and durable pair of earrings that will retain their beauty for years to come.

Contrary to popular belief, glass is a very sturdy material for creating earrings. Short of crashing on a tile floor, they can withstand the normal rigours of constant wear.

All findings used are choosen for wear by people with sensitive ears. I use only sterling silver, and 14kt gold-filled (not plated!) earwires. Posts are surgical stainless steel with barrel backs.

To see my work in person, please visit Anjevine
Jewelry, in the Cherry Creek area of Denver, Colorado.

To contact me: Please send email