I am not an artist, but I play one on tv!

I am a musician and writer from Des Moines, Iowa. I perform in Brass Transit, a ten-piece blues/funk/rock group playing the music of Tower of Power, Chicago, etc. and originals. Our self-titled CD will be available on this site soon! I also perform in "Iowa Horns," a four-piece hornline for hire for stage shows, weddings and bar mitzvahs. I am a commentator for Public Radio KUNI in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and I am the author of several articles appearing in the Des Moines Register, The Metro, Summa Philospophae, and anthologies of Iowa writers. Please support live music, the visual arts, and the spoken and written word.

Jeff Clothier

"Work is how we live, art gives us something to live FOR."

- Jeff Clothier

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