Here are some samples of my work
Click on the image to see a larger version

This is a series of clay slip casts of a glass coke bottle, using many different glazes. There are 6 pices in total in this series.
This is a life sized ceramic sculpture of a human body bent in half, with the limbs and head cut off. I then carves stitched into the piece and painted each patch with different skin tones using watercolors, and sealed it.
This is a glazed ceramic human fugure with the limbs and head cut off with a moonscape glaze. It is trapped within a cage made of silver and copper metal, in the trunk of a tree made of clay.
Brief explanation of your work shown above
This is another view of the above piece. Because it is so large, I had to fire it in three seperate pices.
This is an overhead shot of the above piece.

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