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THE ART : Under the rule of Chola dynasty many forms of art especially in stone and bronze developed to fine sophistication. Tanjore paintings,using semi-precious stones embedded in relief on a wooden base, are known for their colour and splendour. They are noted for their dazzling embellishments with gold foil, pearls and stones and ornate dresses; another variation is Tanjore painting on glass. This form is unique and creative, reflecting the vigour and verve of the folk and formal art which thrived during the Chola  empire.

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Crawling Krishna

THE ARTIST :  Mrs. Champa Kumar hails from a south indian family with a deep cultural background.  She is a graduate in fine arts and has been actively engaged in drawing and teaching Tanjore paintings on wood and glass. She also pursues other art forms including copper tooling aluminium foil work, stained glass and decorative pottery. Apart from the legendary themes of Mahabaratha and Ramayana, her themes have included Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ and Allah in Tanjore style.







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