Carla Jean Cebrelli

Carla Jean Cebrelli

Carla Jean Cebrelli has been creating fine art portraits since 1965. She is an honors graduate of Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut.

After moving to Arizona in 1984, Ms. Cebrelli began teaching pencil drawing classes for beginners through advanced. Most of her time, however, is spent creating portraits which are now displayed in the homes of many distinguished clients.

"The compliment I get most often," says the artist. "Is that I bring the subject's individual personality to life."

Carla Jean Cebrelli's portraits make the moment "live again" for her clients. She does what most computers are still incapable of.......capturing the aura of her subjects. She captures the exact likeness using colored pencil blended with pastels, and her pencil drawings offer those of us with that love for black and white to experience incredible accuracy and detail. Her oil paintings render her subjects with fantastic photorealism.

Ms. Cebrelli's specialties include adults, children, horses, and dogs. And she has been featured in such publications as the "Phoenix Gazette", "The Carefree Enterprise", and "The Desert Advocate".

Carla Jean Cebrelli
P.O. Box 1435
Black Canyon City, Arizona 85324
(602) 374-0160

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