Personal Profile

Name:   Carmit Giladi-Pollard.

Location:   Kibbutz Merchavia,19100, Israel.
Studio Tel/Fax: 972-6-659 8925
Home Tel: 972-6-659 8925

Career:   A graduate of the Neri Bloomfield Design College,
Haifa, Israel, Dept of Graphic Design, 1984.
Since graduating Carmit has worked as a designer,
Illustrator, and teacher.
1987 - Recieved the " Nahum Gutman Award for childrens
book illustration"
1990 - Exhibited at " The Peace Frontier" a group
exhibitionof Israeli and Palestian artists in Givat Haviva
Art Center.
1993 - "Parparim" A group exhibition of Israeli
illustrators at Ra'anana.
1994 - Exhibited at an international exhibition
for childrens books, Barcelonna, Spain
1995 - Three different group exhibitions in Tel-Aviv, and
1996 - Illustration for the "new year", chosen by
Carmit is a member of the Israel Association of Illustrators

Member of the Israeli Association of Illustrators since 1993

Illustrated books

"The ball that took a walk" author Arnon Rviv , publisher sifriat poalim.
"maybe only I understand myself and have time for me" author Mira Minzer-Yari, pub.hakibbutz hameuhad
"our champion Tom" author yeudit kafri, pub sifriat poalim
"Butterfly" author Mirik Snir, pub hakibbutz hameuhad.
"Buttercow" author Mirik Snir, pub hakibbutz hameuhad.
" Fresh good salad: author Mirik Snir, pub hakibbutz hameuhad.
"grandmother laya" author Mirik Snir, pub hakibbutz hameuhad.
"both of us behaved well" author Orly Castel-Bloom, pub. Keter
"Good friends" author Aliza strood-kahnan, pub dani safrim
"A little sister and she's a bit different" author Dafna Man, pub yidioth ahronot
" Bug bear night" author Mirik Snir, pub hakibbutz hameuhad.
"Sea in Jerusalem" author Mirik Snir, pub hakibbutz hameuhad.
"Hanah wants marzipan" author lakidia molodovski , pub hakibbutz hameuhad
"Blue sun purple earth "author Michael Hirsh-noi, pub tamuz
"striped robes" author Mirik Snir & Carmit Giladi-Pollard, , pub hakibbutz hameuhad
" My friend my group" Collected short stories various authors, , pub hakibbutz hameuhad
"Ephraim visits Jerusalem" author Laya Kaplan , pub hakibbutz hameuhad
" The tickle that got lost" author Oren Chablin , pub Chablin
" Illustrating Bialik " illustration within a compilation, pub Chablin
"Illustrating Hittman" illustration within a compilation, pub Chablin
" What's in the world", author Mirik Snir, pub hakibbutz hameuhad.
"Galia belongs to gadlia" author Liora shimshon, pub hakibbutz hameuhad.
" The owl that saw backwards" author Yossi Gothard , pub hakibbutz hameuhad.

Illustrations [ uncredited] for teaching books by The Jewish Agency, Eric Cohen books, Modan publishers.

Illustrations for various companies including Unicef, Bezek, Cellcom,Ministry of Education ect.


1996 Illustrations for the book "Buttercow" Selected for international exhibition in Barcelona Spain
2000 Original illustrations from " Bug bear night" in international exhibition of the S Korean illustrators Association Seoul, Korea
1993 -2006 Yearly group exhibition of the Israeli Illustrators Association, in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Ranaana
2003 Solo exhibition of illustrations Oranim Teaching College Israel
2003 Illustration in group exhibition, Children's Hospital Warsaw Poland.
2006 Illustration in group exhibition "illustrating Ehud Manor" Holon Israel


1987 Nahum Gutman prize for Illustration for the book "Butterfly" Gutman Museum.
1998 First place in the Israeli Illustration Association exhibition " coloured wood"
Gutman Museum.


Commisions:   Commisions undertaken for posters, cards,
illustrations for magazines, and especially