Carla Jane was awarded ARTIST OF THE MONTH

Carla Jane was awarded "ARTIST OF THE MONTH"

Carla Jane Somerville, an English Artist, self taught, specialising in Portraits of mainly Animals and People, though able to draw or paint any subject matter, a strong interest in animals and photography meant Carla's ability to see the finest details and reproduce them into her own style and technique produced some of the wonderful pieces of Artwork she has done to date.

Since drawing and painting all her life as soon as she was able to hold a pencil, Art was her passion. At High school she took GCSE Art and Graphics, taking on Graphics as an extra lesson to those already chosen, it was hard work but she was determined not to waste the gift she had been given. She then went on to college for two years to study General Art and Design to gain a B'tec National Diploma.

At the age of 18, she went to Holland, where she worked in boarding kennels and a cattery, this is where she decided to build up a portfolio of dogs and cats as she had plenty of subjects to study and photograph. This is where she had her fist big Commission from Dog breed clubs to produce Portraits of their breed.

Back in England at the age of 19, she started up her own small Business "Commission Portraits" and studied a business course. Over the next few years she tried to market herself and attended many dog shows, cat shows, trade fares, craft fares and market stalls to promote and sell her work. There was allot of interest, people loved what they saw, she took orders for personal commissions, she started building up a portfolio of Artwork, cats, dogs, birds, wildlife and people using Watercolour, Acrylics, Gouache, Chalk Pastels, Pastel Pencils and Graphite, all the time concentrating on proportion, detail and life like qualities.

"I created my Web site to display Artwork for people from all walks of life to see, this was a real challenge but most enjoyable to do and it is great to be able to go and visit your own work at a virtual gallery knowing others are seeing it too. I hope you will enjoy looking through the site and will want to come back again and again".

................Carla Jane

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See My Artwork on My Auctions on eBid


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You can have a Portrait made to your own specifications, many photographs can be used to make the end result, your portrait can include any subject, even if it is not visible in your original photograph.

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