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The Artist

of The Reconstructionist Movement
(l to r) Angelee Berry, Carl Hixson, Ahad Pace, Bikila Darden

My work often represents philosophical themes, with many cultural and societal influences. The media of my preference is acrylic paint, which I am patiently self teaching to master. My talents, however, are best exemplified in my pencil, charcole, and color pencil drawings. I began to realize my gifts at the early age of five when my father, who is also an artist at heart, cried when I showed him a picture of a horse I painted.

In recent months, myself and three other artists have organized the soon to be world renowed Reconstructionist Movement(an artist collective). The four of us are very diverse in style and most formally educated. Look for us to sprout out into different self owned and run businesses in the near future.



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