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Paula's Prose
by Paula Welter

On Bill's Birthday

Sixteen years together
All kinds of storms you weathered
And to you three great children were born
Now with his departure you do mourn
The pain is more than you care to bear
But within the pain he is still there
Memories that keep him alive
And with them before Christ, you will arrive
the reunion will be more than splendor
As your reward to you then will render
The sleepless nights and burdens bore
Will melt away before the Lord
And you and Bill at last will be
One in Christ before the Crystal Sea.


Praising God is what I do best,
all other pursuits have failed the test!
Unlock the emotions to the heart,
sing to the Lord as a lark!
Emptiness and desert I once walked,
Now an oasis surrounds my parts!
Fruits of the Spirit to me impart,
knowledge and wisdom for a start!
Discerner of spirits soon to follow,
with Your sweet fruits I'll not be sallow!
Lord, God of Nations, of whom I'll serve,
none of your gifts I deserve!
Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord and King,
To all your servants You gladly bring!
Praise God!


Perhaps when expectation begins
That is where friendship ends;
Never learn to trust or rely
Then expect never to cry.
Come along the lonely trail and into the night
alone and drifting
winds driven and shifting
lost and searching
a heart without a home.
Be not afraid of love not shared
Be not afraid of burdens to bear
out of darkness blooms a flower
springing to life from lingering showers
even a desert had brought forth bloom
look not to horizons of foreboding doom.

Time Warp

The photos speak of a wonderful family
mostly smiling, always proper.
As I look I can remember certain things
the striped cups
the bird mobile
the corner hutch
But must of it has been lost to time.

What I remember is not in the photos
I remember fear
and unspeakable damnation
Hurt and anguish
Misery and loss
The smiling photos are not real
They speak of silent lies

Silent lies bury the truth
and from their grave they shout
They shout that striped cups were broken
and that the bird mobile was lost
The truth is the corner hutch
was cheaply made
And the wonderful family was not.