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Name:   Antonio Franklin

Art Category:   Ceramic sculpture, Acrylic and oil paintings

Artist Statment:   "Although born in Chicago, I was raised in the northern Minnesotan area know as the "Range". There I had little to no contact with people of my own race and the only cultural influence came from my mother's family. I learned at a early age to hide my culture and, in a sense, to almost be ashamed of who I was in order to fit into the "Range" lifestyle. Although it did seem to work, there was always this inner voice striving to be heard.
Upon graduation from High School I decided to travel around a bit to find that person who I had, for many years, tried to conceal. I settled in yet another northern Minnesotan area called Duluth. There, while attending the University, I discovered a perfect way to allow that inner voice to be heard; the glorious media of the fine arts.
While in college I learned that there are many different media, how to work in most of them, and different ways of combining them. Many of those combinations show up in my work. I try to combine may different elements, methodsm,and materials in my work. I do not want my work to relate to just one race of people, nor do I want to be influenced by just one race of people because I have many cultures in my background. I feel that my multi-cultural background is a great advantage in my work and has a great impact on its' growth and maturity. I am constantly changing my ideas, exploring new areas, and using different techniques which I feel will help to muture my work, as well as, strength the subject matter. I feel that my work will grow and change as many times as I do, because it is truely who I am.
Antonio Franklin