Still Seraching - Acrylics Copyright 2000


  I am in my mid 40's and recently moved to the Clearwater/St. Petersburg area of Florida. I use acrylics and watercolors mostly, although I, also, like to experiment with other mediums. I love to create images using lots of color and texture, and really get into my work focusing on nothing else while I'm working. I can paint or create something and not get up for 8 hours. In my opinion, that's pretty focused!

  I've been stuck in a rut for many years so after moving I decided to start painting again and create my art because it makes me feel good and I figure if it makes me feel good then it may help others feel good when they see it and I will have accomplished yet one more good deed for God. My art is my therapy, my inner art is me.

  Besides painting on canvas I, also, enjoy creating silk floral arrangements, especially bridal bouquets. I just like to create! I feel like I have so much built up inside me screaming to get out somehow so I express who I am, my many feelings, my many masks...thru my artwork.

  I want to thank everyone who has been so encouraging to me in this endeavor; especially to God who gave me this wonderful gift of expression and my precious husband Gordon who is my biggest fan.