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Karina - Sun Dec 5 16:04:17 2004
BOOYAH, this stuff is really great my fav is "Bird Feeder" very awesome stuff. i hope your still crankin it out sometimes. You should go check out DA and join the oregon group. they sometimes have gallery time and might be able to help you out!
Jim Myers - Wed Jun 12 00:43:33 2002Cathedral Park
Hi, I really like your work. Very very nice.
Looking forward to seeing it in some galleries here in Portland. Good luck to you :-)

Michael - Sat Feb 2 17:41:52 2002 
You are as always great!
dave - Wed Feb 7 19:13:49 2001 
well I couldn't let your guestbook go neglected for so long.. I tried having one myself for a while, and gave up on it..
at any rate, stop slackin and update your page.. give us your new stuff =)

Charles McChesney - Wed Dec 20 18:54:47 2000
Very nice work.
Jeriann - Fri Dec 1 00:23:16 2000 
Hello everyone and thanks for signing my Guestbook. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind signing your name to your comments. Just so I know who signed it. THANKS!! -Jeriann.
bill_bushnell - Thu Nov 30 22:58:43 2000 
it looks dark and moody.It reminds me of some of the things I have seen on mtv.I think you do a good job on your art though.
terri brooks - Tue Nov 28 22:19:04 2000 
Good luck on your web page. Your work is very
interesting. I look forward to watching your talent
grow. "Follow your bliss".