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Mila Armayor-Gattorno - Tue Sep 11 09:46:32 2007 
Beautiful Art Enjoyed my walk through the Gallery/Love this site - nice work!!
Judith Gattorno - Tue Jun 6 14:17:36 2006 
I went to see the works’ of Gattorno at UM University and I must say it was beautiful, I am very proud of my heritage. It seems that creativity definitely runs in the family name crest.
EDWIN GATTORNO - Wed Feb 1 16:56:03 2006 
artemus - Sun Dec 18 18:53:35 2005 
Great website,you have taken this journey to all new vistas,since last we spoke .congradulations. drop me a line...
Juan Reyes - Fri Dec 9 16:56:23 2005 
Terri; thought you may appreciate learning that a little-known and obscured copy of your uncle's book in the U.S. Library of Congress (LOC) is now being preserved as part of their rare book collection. A rather long story, so I will try to summarize. I recently met a very talented Cuban- American painter, Humberto Benitez ( whom together with a childhood friend Pablo Suarez mentioned the book and its rarity. Our conversations peaked my curiosity and interest in your uncle’s work which lead to this discovery.

Among my responsibilities here in Washington, I oversee our library and information resources and as a result my office works closely with staff at LOC including Dr. Lawrence Marcus whom I asked for assistance in locating a copy of the original Gattorno book. As luck would have it, he was able to locate it amongst their vast and comprehensive collection. Their copy is labeled No. 188 of 460 and has been assigned the LOC Catalog Number ND 305 G3H4. Thanks to Dr. Marcus, we were able to get some private viewings of the book. As a result of this effort, LOC recognized the book’s value and rarity, and will proceed with restoring it and making it part of their rare book collection. Once restored, it will become part of the LOC’s Hispanic Reading Room collection ( for all future generations to enjoy.

Brad West - Fri Mar 11 22:02:31 2005 
I love his work and hope to add his work to my collection.
Nicole Carvalho - Fri Mar 11 18:03:41 2005 
Gattorno is my father's uncle.(Issabella was my grandmother's sister). Great to see all his works appreciated. They amaze me.
Nicole Carvalho
Paul Mindus - Wed Dec 1 10:28:14 2004 
I visited Antonio Gattorno and his wife Isabella in Acushnet many times when I was growing up in New Bedford. He kindly gave me a signed copy of the Hemingway book which I still have in London. I always hoped he would get the recognition he deserves. He had a passion and clarity about life, love, politics and people, which I understood a bit when I was young and he was white-haired. Now I understand it better.
John Mills - Thu Nov 18 12:22:04 2004 
great site!
Denise Gattorno - Thu Nov 11 16:18:35 2004 
I was wondering about my family background because all the Gattorno's are family .I think this website is very interesting,and I do believe that we are family. thanks Denise gattorno
Judy Zwirblis - Tue Sep 21 13:09:20 2004 
Dear Sean and Terri, Congratulations on the completion of the book. I and my family were friends of Isabella and Antonio when they lived in Acushnet. We have some work of Antonios and was wondering if there are any avenues to sell some of the pieces. I saw that one of his pieces was sold at Sotheby's Auction to benefit Boston Fine Arts Museum. I would like any informatiion that would be helpful. There are a few pieces I may not be able to part with but I would like to have them appraised. Hope you can advise us. Thanks JZ
joe thomas - Wed Sep 1 08:55:43 2004 
As a telephone repairman, I met you uncle in Acushnet,Ma while repairing his phone. I became instantly fascinated as he told me stories of his life with Hemingway. He also gave me a signed copy of his book of his paintings.I visited him often after that,just to hear his stories.My wife, Connie, became as captured with his life and has also been doing research on him for quite a long time. Unfortunately,as you say, he is still not as known as he should be. What a life he lived! We only wish there was a place locally where we could actually see a painting of his.This book will be passed down to our daughter with instructions to save it forever because we do know that someday he will become as well known as he should be.I only wish I had taped our many conversations as he told me about his life and friendship with Ernest Hemingway. I wish I were a rich man and could afford to own a genuine "GATTORNO. Keep up the great work, Terri and Sean, your uncle deserves it. Joe and Connie Thomas, Fairhaven, Ma
Ben Lackie - Sun Aug 15 21:48:43 2004 
The ten years were worth it. Thank you for introducing me to the work you've spoken of for so long. Viva Gattorno!
Chris - Wed Aug 4 19:55:31 2004 
Thanks to you and Sean for keeping Gattorno's
art and memory alive.
Michael Ward - Mon Aug 2 12:32:06 2004 
Looking good Sean.
Paola - Thu Jul 29 06:05:08 2004 
Hi Terry, You've done a very good work! Congratulations. I wish you the best with this book
lou - Wed May 26 06:29:19 2004 
very nice , lots of talent, wish i had some of that talent,, wish you well
joe and connie thomas - Sat Jan 31 19:15:06 2004 
good luck, i hope others see him as i do(and i have never met him in person,although my husband has met and befriended him,hence,my fascination. What a movie his life would 1st choice is johnny depp,2nd,antonio bandaras