It was the mid of a spring when I was born. It was on April 15 1960. The nature was waking up and I woke up with it. In time I realized that it is a great luck for a person to be born in a village. Then he has an opportunity to go to a big city and know the life and win the world. But at the beginning of his life a person needs the expanses of endless world, fresh air, close contact with animals and freedom. In other words we shouldn't hurry to lose touch with the nature. I'm happy to have all this in my time. I was strongly drawn to art from my childhood. I was a very small child when I began to make sculptures.

There was a small lake in our village and there was a precipice near it. It was a usual ravine but it seemed to me a big canyon then. A large piece of dried clay was lying there. I took a big knife from the kitchen and cut my " sculptures" from these pieces out. Usually they were human heads. I don't know why but I didn't show them to anybody except my friend.

Then we put them at the edge of the precipice and shot them out with stones. After our battles there were the crooked knocked spouts of my monsters at the bottom of the ravine. Like any children I liked drawing. I was the weakest one among the children of my age but my head had brains and there was a great self-indignity in my small body. I wanted to be the first. Once I found a beautiful picture. There were three beauties painted on it. The picture was very old, tattered and it was perhaps from the old trunk of my grandfather.

There were many interesting things there. I copied accurately this picture on a clean sheet of paper and then painted it with colored pencils. I made a rather good copy. The next day I took this picture to school and showed it to my schoolmates as my own work. Everybody was surprised at my talent. They watched at me unbelieving but knowing my inclinations to art they had to believe me. The teacher said to me many good words. So I became an art favorite in our class. I was appointed as the head artist of the wallpaper. I should have approved my action. I had to draw and paint a lot and willy-nilly my hand became strong and skillful. I became the first artist of our school really and many teachers appealed to me to draw placates for them. I made everything they asked magnanimously and took good marks in return. So I realized that drawing might be a mean to earn my life.

I was at school when the signs of my disability appeared. I got very tired by walking. Then I was getting tired more and more. And I scared that I should stop walking. How could I live then! I was brought to various doctors. The doctors prescribed me different magic medicines. I had them but my situation became worse. But I wanted to be an artist and wanted to get a special education. I felt hard to think that I couldn't attend the classes at the Art College.

The years passed after I got used to my new state but in time the banal thought that I need only a head and hands to draw established firmly in my mind. I had a great wish to work. I painted everywhere. When my friends called me and asked what I was doing I answered: "I'm working". The result appeared soon. In 1992 the personal exhibition of my works took place in the Chuvash State Art Museum. They began to speak, write and show me by TV. I got many acquaintances. I got invited to different art parties. Last eight years I had twelve personal exhibitions in different Russian cities and abroad. I took part in various exhibitions and art actions. I was a participant of two international art festivals - in Moscow and Weimar (Germany).

I became the member of Russian Artist Union, the member of the International Artist and Designer Federation. In 1998 I was given the rank of the Honored Artist of Chuvashia. It seemed everything was fine. I became an artist and had a fame and glory. But it is difficult to earn one's life by making art. Firstly it is difficult to part with one's works; secondly none is in a hurry to buy them. When you create a work during long months and put his soul in it and it became dear to you. And when a buyer appears you set the price, which should compensate all the expenses for this painting. The price seems to be high of course.

I began to do design and visual advertisement in order to earn my life. First I made logotypes and trademarks with the help of a usual pen and black Indian ink. Then I got a computer and my designer opportunities extended. Little by little the sphere of my designer activity broadened. I began working out firm styles, packing, interior, web-design etc. You may see the samples of logotypes and brands on page LOGO Shop. In present I'm seeking for clients/customers who need working out the logotypes or a brand for their firms. I'm willing to make out all the offers in design field co-operating. I'm also interested in painting collectors whom we could cooperate with for a long time or discuss a purchase of some of my works. I'd be delighted to answer all of your questions.

With respect

Alex Nasekin.

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